Gustavo Cerati-

Gustavo was born into a family of government officials. Wanting to continue the family tradition, he becomes a CIA agent at the age of 26.As he matures, he realizes that he would like to step back from the line of fire and take on a safer position within the CIA. At the age of 32, Gustavo takes a position in the Tech department of the organization.

Gustavo has always been “tech savy”. During his teenage years, Gustavo had emerged as the world’s greatest hacker. After nearly four years of hacking into people’s computers, Gustavo was caught by his father and was turned in to the local police. After being given the choice to opt out of jail time by working for the government, the hacker was placed into the CIA. He was relocated from Hollywood, California to Langely, Virginia.

Gustavo withholds his criminal activity from Kelsi Daggers. He fears that she will hold this against him in the future.

Gustavo proves that he knows a lot about Rebecca Hall’s motives for trying to overthrow “Lady X”.