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This is a WIKI that introduces a new TV show idea. We have decided to challenge inequalities shown in media representation of women in the work force. We titled our series The Return. Usually women are portrayed as "domestic;" meaning that they stay at home raising children and cooking for their husbands. If they are in the work field then they are most likely portrayed as useless. In our show, Kelsi is the boss of an important agency and she holds all the qualities of a leader. We are trying to empower women.


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Lady X, better known as Kelsi was experimented on by the CIA as a child. However, Kelsi does not recall this period in her life. She was part of a controversial experiment classified from the public. Kelsi later goes on to become the head of the CIA. One day at work Kelsi gets an anonymous call. The caller instructs her to find a room. When she enters the room she discovers something that triggers her memory of the experiment she was part of as a child. This triggers Lady X’s desire for revenge.

As the series progresses, Kelsi and Gustavo collaborate closely to reveal the horrors that the CIA committed. Lady X realizes that Gustavo’s acquaintance will be a vital part for her mission to expose the CIA. However, while Lady X plans her revenge on the CIA, Rebecca, tries to get rid of Lady X because she wants to take her place as the head of the CIA .





-Marisol and Sandy


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