Episode 1: Pilot

The screen opens up on Kelsi and the President having a celebratory dinner. The president congratulates her; she responds, "It's all thanks to you." The camera focuses on a guard standing behind the president who is scowling at Kelsi. Kelsi notices and makes a point to remember his face. She notices a mole above his left eyebrow and decides she won't forget it.

The next morning, Kelsi smiles as she walks into her new office. She drops her box on her new desk in her new office. A guy walks in, Kelsi greets him; "Goodmorning Gustavo." They hug, have playful banter, the phone rings. Kelsi scoots Gustavo out of her office while she answers the phone.

The phone call was from an anonymous caller that urged her to go to the basement, move the box with ULTRA stamped on it and press her key into the carving in the wall. Kelsi frantically jots down the instructions on a blue sticky note. She puts it aside and resumes her daily work.

She invites Gustavo over for dinner on the way out of the office. Once at home they eat and find their way into her bedroom. While laying in bed Gustavo notices the blue sticky note and asks Kelsi about it. At first Kelsi refuses to confide in Gustavo but ultimately tells him. Gustavo advises Kelsi not to follow the instructions, she tells him she'll do it anyway, he offers to go with her since she can't be stopped.

The next day they are seen walking through a large basement with multiple tables that are covered in cloths and dust. They hear a rat and Gustavo jumps while Kelsi tells him to be quiet. They finally find the box and remove it. Gustavo urges Kelsi not to proceed; Kelsi gives him a smile and presses her key into it. The wall slides open and they find themselves staring down a long, dark, narrow hallway. Gustavo is obviously nervous, they both proceed. Everything is visibly dusty, implying that no one has been there in a while. They walk for a while, Gustavo nervously chatters to himself. They come across a wide window that overlooks a room below.

Kelsi focuses on a toy horse in the room with a distinctive carving in its side. She seems to be in a trance. Gustavo shakes her and informs her that he hears something. A voice can be heard calling out, "Hello?" The voice is revealed to belong to a janitor. The janitor comments that he's "never seen this room before, but I bet there are a lot of rooms in this place I have never seen." Gustavo apologizes to the janitor and leads Kelsi away, the janitor trailing behind them. Gustavo remembers to slide the wall back into place.